Prue Jones

Licensed Estate Agent

Prue began her real estate career in 1982 in inner city Melbourne. The 1980s was a turbulent period, experiencing five asset bubbles: two smaller residential, one colossal commercial, later feeding into another residential, and also the stock market bubble and collapse in 1987. Housing prices escalated by 39 per cent from 1987 to 1989 on the back of the well-known commercial bubble, again resulting in an economic downturn during the bust. The early 1990s recession was the culmination of the worst financial collapse since the 1890s depression.

It was in this period that Prue learned to sell property.  There was no internet or mobile phones and property sold via sheer hard work and determination.  Interest rates peaked at 17% and inflation 8%. 

Over her career, Prue has sold over $900 million of property and assisted some 2,882 families move home.  Working with three of the top agents in Australia, she has had the opportunity to observe different styles and techniques over her career.

“My focus is always the client” Prue says.  “My vendors rely on me to be their advisor, confidante and negotiator and to be always thinking about new ideas to keep their property fresh in the marketplace.”

Prue has been a real estate agent and auctioneer for over thirty years.  She has sold all types of property; grand homes, land subdivisions, old war homes, shops, offices, apartments, townhouses, the list goes on.  “Now, more than ever, I believe that it is vital to keep abreast of advances in technology and marketing of property. Therefore, I retain a business coach to advise me on my techniques and professional development.”

If you want an agent with experience; who knows how to sell property in today’s marketplace, it would be wise to consider speaking to Prue Jones today.