Paperclip to a House in 14 Trades

ByGuy Hoevenaars

It took 14 trades for a 26 year old man to miraculously turn a red paper clip into a house. His final trade, a paid role in a movie for a double storey farmhouse.

The Montreal man didn’t have a job so instead of finding one, he used an internet website to trade a red paperclip. Almost immediately, a pair of young women traded him a pen that looks like a fish.

He continued to trade the following:
– red paperclip
– fish pen
– handmade door knob
– camp stove
– 100-watt generator
– ‘instant party kit’ (an empty keg and an illuminated Budweiser beer sign)
– Bombardier snowmobile
– an afternoon with rock star Alice Cooper
– a KISS snow globe
– paid role in a Corbin Bernsen movie called Donna on Demand

The town of Kipling, Sask., offered MacDonald a farmhouse in exchange for the role in the movie.

“We are going to show them the house, give them the keys to the house and give them the key to the town and just have some fun,” said Pat Jackson, mayor of Kipling.

The town is going to hold a competition for the movie role.

“There’s people all over the world that are saying that they have paper-clips clipped to the top of their computer, or on their desk or on their shirt, and it proves that anything is possible and I think to a certain degree it’s true,” MacDonald said:

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